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okay, official announcement time: i have a website!
right now it has:
- information about me if you want to know more about things i like
- information about my current projects
- links to my pastebin and photography
- all the digital art ive done over recent years
i plan to add more content about interesting things!!
please check it out if you have the time 💜

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and i didnt see a shot of the big red chicken or swiper anywhere this is bogus

the new dora movie seems to have an incredibly distinct lack of spanish

new n++ contest!
the n++ discord is holding another thematicon, and this time the theme is "three". very open ended, so im pretty excited to see what i can make out of it

want to take part? join the discord!

really the most difficult part about getting one would be how to use the bloody things. seems to implement its own protocol, ESC/POS

okay Flash Game Crew TM i need y'all help
there was like a mickey mouse arkanoid flash game on disney's website and it had like a really hip or cool aesthetic but i cant find it nor do i remember what it was called. i think it was something among the lines of "m'pop". does anyone know where i could find it

im.. gonna set it up and stuff. will start in about 2 hours, whether it continues depends on if anyone tunes in

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