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hi, i'm maple bloom. i do a lot of things - i paste stickers all over towns, i archive unknown music i find, and i watch tons of old tv shows and play tons of rhythm games.
more about me ->
where else to find me ->

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also obtained today: this

wanna try a different kind of tag where i literally tie things to poles rather than use stickers? could be fun

new stickers which probably would have been more relevant a year ago but are cool anyways

currently considering just buying a bunch of redbubble stickers to aid me on my sticker slapping missions

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like i hadnt heard of this language a week ago and now i can't stop hearing about it

it does seem interesting :o

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why are all of my friends suddenly talking about toki pona

solution if you are constantly stressed about being away from loved ones: just fuckin' buy a horse

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Here's this week's schedule, including the finale of Plane Crazy and Terry Wogan!

Join us:

what body part does a horse wear a shirt on? their *horso*!

okay it turns out a bunch of countries can't watch these episodes so we're gonna have to do this through my discord server so come in if you want to watch beyond belief ->

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