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okay, official announcement time: i have a website!
right now it has:
- information about me if you want to know more about things i like
- information about my current projects
- links to my pastebin and photography
- all the digital art ive done over recent years
i plan to add more content about interesting things!!
please check it out if you have the time 💜

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just gonna put it out there rn: if you're against or don't support otherkin or general kin stuff get the fuck away from me

hey whats the best composite -> hdmi converter box because i fear getting a generic one would probably be unreliable or not that good

god DAMMIT i just realised why the sims unleashed is called unleashed... its a fucking pun oh my god

Nobody has ever gone to sleep. It cannot be done.

using the panic playdate's crank to develop a remake of the 2006 thriller / action film Crank, staring Jason Statham

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