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hi i finally have a proper fursona ;w; adopted from, panda moth, she is very me and i love her very much aaaaa

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pinned contact post because Eh
mastodon: yr looking at it
priv masto: @mappy request if friends, not all requests accpeted. dont take it personally its just me tryin to be comfyรฉ
discord: Maple#1998
telegram and wire: lighttrax
xmpp: [i don't use this a lot]
info + blog:

if you want to talk to me somewhere else, lemme know

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glad to see my favourite artist being represented in djmax

i think i'm gonna cool it with the dailies for now, i have too many stickers to count at this point and i'd like to get some stuck up before i start making more again

โœจ you can always rip off corporate logos
it's always morally correct โœจ

playing persona 4 for the first time and the characters just went through a massive tv and ended up in this place? i wonder what's gonna happen next

looking through comics for interesting ads and textures and such. im just having a relaxing browsing day today

day 28. sorry for not doing them for a while, gonna try and get back into doing them

found this thing i drew at egx leftfield 2018, all the walls in the leftfield section are white for the devs to put posters on and draw on so i grabbed a pen on the end of the last day and just kinda went "yeah sure"

having trouble concentrating on everything today and just.. don't think i can do sticker dailies today. too tired. sorry

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