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hi i finally have a proper fursona ;w; adopted from, panda moth, she is very me and i love her very much aaaaa

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pinned contact post because Eh
mastodon: yr looking at it
priv masto: @mappy request if friends, not all requests accpeted. dont take it personally its just me tryin to be comfyรฉ
discord: Maple#1998
telegram and wire: lighttrax
xmpp: [i don't use this a lot]
info + blog:

if you want to talk to me somewhere else, lemme know

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also got two of the three arcaea soundtracks from my sister and a partner u///u

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rebranding a bit to try and better represent what i do nowadays. here's a new header

well since nobody else seems to have uploaded this, here is the soundtrack to the mobile DDR game... uh, DDR Mobius. there's a cave story cover in there

always remember the green cross code when crossing roads:
- Stop
- Look
- Listen
- Live
- Laugh
- Love

some recently made stickers. stockpiling during the lockdown, i guess


it is now

november does not exist this year
do not think about november
do not acknowledge any november challenge trends
remember to play your favourite holiday tunes such as Carol #143 - "I Wish I Was The Turkey In The Oven"

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