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hi i finally have a proper fursona ;w; adopted from, panda moth, she is very me and i love her very much aaaaa

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pinned contact post because Eh
mastodon: yr looking at it
priv masto: @mappy request if friends, not all requests accpeted. dont take it personally its just me tryin to be comfyé
discord: Maple#1998
telegram and wire: lighttrax
xmpp: [i don't use this a lot]
info + blog:

if you want to talk to me somewhere else, lemme know

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apparantly in 2006 the weather channel wanted to alert you to new storms via massive bangers

i should... really come on main more ive been hiding on private a lot

My entry for the Nova 2020 new school graphics compo! titled "patarty at home"

Modeled in Maya, painted in Substance Painter and rendered in Unreal Engine 4.

would anybody be interested in me streaming photoshop tonight if i can get it to work? want to goof a bit and make some fake dance compilation albums

an incoming bad joke that is also a subtoot about a current conversation on my timeline 

cishet? more like cishess

Hey! if you used to follow me over on monsterpit at @lia, this is my new account! Monsterpit has been down, for their switch away from the monsterpit fork, and, as I understand it, due to some technical trouble.

as such, I haven't been able to point people from my old account to here.

Please boost, if you know me, as I feel I have a sorta tight knit friend group, and follow me if you used to follow me there! I miss my friends and am not sure of who all I've lost in the transition, despite my small number of friends, on the whole.

why is the body only 80% water? why not go all the way and make it 100% water

wrote an article about what i like and dislike about the Lumines series of games! part of a new series called Check It Out where I just... check out... things. idk. thanks

the existence of subtoots implies the existence of dubtoots

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