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hi i finally have a proper fursona ;w; adopted from, panda moth, she is very me and i love her very much aaaaa

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pinned contact post because Eh
mastodon: yr looking at it
priv masto: @mappy request if friends, not all requests accpeted. dont take it personally its just me tryin to be comfyé
discord: Maple#1998
telegram and wire: lighttrax
xmpp: [i don't use this a lot]
info + blog:

if you want to talk to me somewhere else, lemme know

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I love Mastodon, where there are lots of queer people and it's safe to be out as a non-binary person! Now to take a big sip of water and check the TL

i open my copy of Xploder 5.0 for Playstation 2 and slam it into the white house computer cd tray. "time to hack my way, into presidency

well you know discord is doing well when not even the status website will load

i actually had an idea for an "egoism" song series based around the concept of id, ego and super-ego but i have no real musical talent

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just heard egoism 110 and it is giving me severe "shitty MAX remix for my stepmania pack" vibes

socialism joke 

i have social anxiety and therefore i can't be socialist, sorry

apparantly in 2006 the weather channel wanted to alert you to new storms via massive bangers

i should... really come on main more ive been hiding on private a lot

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