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hi, i'm maple bloom. i do a lot of things - i paste stickers all over towns, i archive unknown music i find, and i watch tons of old tv shows and play tons of rhythm games.
more about me ->
where else to find me ->

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the other two canvases from the set i'm not selling because one of them isn't exactly a frameable artwork and is moreso a shitpost and the other is a collage of stickers of which the sticker glue is now coming off and tbh putting stickers on a canvas is not the best idea

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does anyone want to buy this?
was supposed to be for a gallery alongside two other pieces but it's pretty much not gonna happen, i know some people were interested in buying it so i guess send me an offer through DM if you really want it. will prolly send stickers with it too

new ko-fi post: due to the lack of sticker activity this month i decided to go back and showcase a bunch of doodles and sketches from 2019 and 2016!
you can see it + other excluisve posts showcasing early stickers for 50p a month!

i could have done comfy tv today if i had know they would let me go early ;v;
eh fuck it im gonna take the night off anyways working at the tills was just tiring today

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today and tomorrow are predicted to be our busiest days at work. i may not survive. wish me luck


What profession should be more valued? — graffiti artistry

idk i just wanted to boost that because its a good shitpost

when you change your pronouns from he/him to something else and you live in a country rife with transphobia and hate against queer people

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when you change your pronouns from he/him to something else

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