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pinned contact post because Eh
mastodon: yr looking at it
priv masto: @mappy request if friends, not all requests accpeted. dont take it personally its just me tryin to be comfyé
discord: Maple#1998
telegram and wire: lighttrax
xmpp: [i don't use this a lot]
info + blog:

if you want to talk to me somewhere else, lemme know

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also a lot of them dont have dubs which kind of doesnt work for background watching ><

why are literally all of them about high school girls

i got a few suggestions for slice of life anime to watch but idk where to start. hm

does anyone have any recommendations for a good slice of life anime i can have on in the background while i work on projects n things because i have no idea where to start

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hi ive been at egx the past couple of days sorry i havent posted here much. i'll repost everything here when I'm back home


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