@maples might be worth tagging as misinfo lol

@maples the only thing that comes up for this is a similar screenshot on a site called "MEME" and searching for "IE shop" comes up with nothin

@maples admittedly though, the concept in the image is genuinely a cool idea. would make photoshop battles a lot more streamlined

@maples ignore the meme aspect of this, I kinda actually want this to exist.

@maples see this is why we all pirate paint tool sai instead

jkjkjk but still if this is real.... oof

@thoughtcrime @maples @vantablack fun fact: my 3rd year CS project was a multiplayer photo editor suite. We weren't thinking MMO though, and despite my efforts the code turned out to never be opensourced(though parts of it eventually became other things).

@thoughtcrime @maples @vantablack I say this because if I had ethereum working this is th esort of thing I could dedicate time towards.

@maples what web is it from? Doesnt look like the onion...

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