hey does anyone know how to convert a midi to an mp3 file aside from the tedious and obvious "record the audio in audacity"

@maples ffmpeg comes with a MIDI "decoder" that can play at arbitrarily fast speeds

@maples at least, I thought it did...? I can't get it to play a MIDI file

@zoe @maples it's supposed to use libtimidity, which has a built-in soundfont iirc (though it's not a very good one)

@zoe @maples well anyway

you can also just use timidity directly

timidity canyon.mid -Ow -o canyon.wav

@zoe @maples rendering this 126s file with timidity took just over 2s which is 64× speed, roughly (and you can run multiple encoders in parallel)

@unascribed @maples @zoe You can also use FluidSynth, though you'd have to specify a SoundFont, for example:

fluidsynth -F canyon.wav /usr/share/sounds/sf2/FluidR3_GM.sf2 CANYON.MID

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