i cant decide what my favourite part of this is, left shift, or enter and caps being swapped

@maples Mine is probably that you now have a dedicated keysmash button.

@maples is this a real keyboard layout someone is using or is this just a Meme

@maples at first my only response was "ooh, sparkly"

It took me like a good five seconds before I audibly screamed

@maples I love this yet am also in physical pain from this, and I don't know how to resolve this problem.

@maples I would 100% use this irl because stop touching my computer People Who Visit Me

@maples my favourite part is the location of the “T” key.

@maples You are now banned from /r/mechanicalkeyboards


Nice, but I see you still leave the 0 key out of order.

Also, the caps lock key needs to be moved from its current location to a burning dumpster somewhere far away.

This is "The Game," but for makers. You can't unsee it and every time you think of it, you lose

@ella_kane @maples
When I showed the picture to my daughter, I realized... If the legend on the keycaps was screened in comic sans, it would look just like the virtual keyboard on her phone

@yaaps @maples

I dunno what's making me tilt my head in confusion more, now. The idea of how her keys are aligned, or wtf, comic sans? :blobpatpat:

For those wondering how looking at Nyarlathotep or Yog Sothoth directly could turn you insane, well...

Here it is! :blobfingerguns:

(edit: typo)

@maples I mean, I guess \|ou don'+ reall\| need the +, vv, or \| ke\|s, bu+ i+ makes +\|ping easier. No+ sure hovv \|ou vvould pla\| some games vvi+hou+ VV S A D. I guess \|ou could use I J K L on +his ke\|board.

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