i cant decide what my favourite part of this is, left shift, or enter and caps being swapped

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@maples Mine is probably that you now have a dedicated keysmash button.

@maples is this a real keyboard layout someone is using or is this just a Meme

@maples at first my only response was "ooh, sparkly"

It took me like a good five seconds before I audibly screamed

@maples I love this yet am also in physical pain from this, and I don't know how to resolve this problem.

@maples my favourite part is the location of the “T” key.

@maples You are now banned from /r/mechanicalkeyboards


Nice, but I see you still leave the 0 key out of order.

Also, the caps lock key needs to be moved from its current location to a burning dumpster somewhere far away.

This is "The Game," but for makers. You can't unsee it and every time you think of it, you lose

For those wondering how looking at Nyarlathotep or Yog Sothoth directly could turn you insane, well...

Here it is! :blobfingerguns:

(edit: typo)

@maples I mean, I guess \|ou don'+ reall\| need the +, vv, or \| ke\|s, bu+ i+ makes +\|ping easier. No+ sure hovv \|ou vvould pla\| some games vvi+hou+ VV S A D. I guess \|ou could use I J K L on +his ke\|board.

@maples this gave my soul a heart attack. It looks like what you'd imagine the TARDIS is controlled by 😮

@maples are you ready for the kind of death you deserve?

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