okay wow yes i definitely like these

i hate like "extra bass" type headphones and these definitely have more bass than my previous hesh 2's but its mixed with the other parts of songs really damn well

ive been told with a DAC they're even better

how do i describe sound. i cant do it. look these are good just trust me

@maples Actual legal term and term used in insurance business, still today. At least as far as I know.

@maples "Acts of god" is more or less corporate speak for "you're shit out of luck, pal."

@Cynder @maples literally just "we can just decide not to give you what we promised if we just BELIEVE hard enough that it was god's doing"

unrequested assistance attempt 


aah, contract speak. I think it boils down to "if damage happens that we could have theoretically prevented but should never happen (or should never happen enough to actually make the protection worth it), we don't have to replace it."

but most of the examples we know about are on the scale of, home insurance.

take all that with a grain of salt, I'm just a nerd pulling at what we remember.

@maples I just always assumed this meant "if your headphones blow away in a hurricane, you have to buy a new pair"

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