choice cuts from this article include

- "You cannot beat Nintendo for ideas, in both hardware and software, and it’s the one thing I miss the most from having a PC. But wouldn’t you love their games even more if their graphics were good?" no

- "With this I really don’t see any need to buy a console ever again. No forced upgrade every five years, no compromised graphics or performance, no more exclusives, and no more over-expensive peripherals or paid-for online multiplayer."
yes because the steam deck's hardware will never age and become obsolete and pc hardware will not advance beyond this point, requiring more power to run games. it will just Not Happen

- "Don’t worry, I’m not about to launch into some kind of snobby ‘master race’ rant"
(a few paragraphs later)
- "Or maybe the Steam Deck will be so successful it will convince Nintendo to see the light and accept that you don’t need any format but the PC."

@maples I can't be the only one who thinks Valve are going to end up abandoning this project like a year into its lifespan, right?

@Jo while the possibility isn't deniable, the steps valve are taking with this + general excitement are currently pointing to this actually being quite good for valve? really we can only see when it launches

@maples In fairness, this was a reader-submitted article so it's probably written by some random teenager. You can submit practically anything and they'll publish it.

@Mandrake you would think the editing team would apply common sense and thought when looking through reader submissions but they regularly do not

@maples lmao good luck, you'll need new hardware in a few years anyways

@maples no more exclusives, because as we all know every game gets released to the windows computer simultaneously to its console exclusive and the pc port is always stellar

and also they all work in steam proton just fine! don't worry about it

@maples honestly, the idea of fixed-specs computers with known architectures sounds like it'd be an improvement

the c64 had a lifespan of more than a decade and coders got better and better software out of it by learning the hardware better

by today's standards, it's closer to a gaming console than a computer in that regard, even tho it's definitely a computer

@devurandom it could be an improvement if done right

but it will not be done, lets be honest,

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