i find the argument that the wii is now a retro console to be kind of flawed in that: how can you consider a console that had retail games being released for it in 2019 to be retro


i think maybe a better metric to decide if something is retro is when it falls out of the spotlight, i.e. usually when the next generation of consoles is introduced, which for the wii would be 2013 i think as the wii u was out and the other nxt gen consoles were around the corner

@maples I think the measure of retro for me is when a technology is completely obsolete, so casettes are retro, but CD/DVDs are only on the verge, and anything with a single core CPU is probably retro, but then you have synths that are definitely retro AND in widespread use, so idfk, can a sound be obsolete???

@maples I feel (personally) like the gamecube isn't retro yet though, so the Wii can't be either

but the PS2 is, even though those two were contemporaneous

@BatElite i still have a hard time considering the ps2 to be a retro console myself (it was what i grew up with, what i still own to this day, and was still recieving major titles and good sony support in 2008 like goddamn

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