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as a once good television show once said, "money can be exchanged for goods and services."
indeed, now you can exchange your own money for pieces of paper to stick on walls, made by me.
🧵↓ more info ↓🧵

so what's in the booth?
to start with, we have two packs of my more popular stickers - the SAVE POINT and EXTREMELY FUCKING GAY designs. in particular EFG has been highly requested by friends >>; the two pack deal means you can share a sticker with a friend if you want! or not, you can hog them to yourself, i dont care,

next up we have the THIS CONTAINS BULLSHIT sticker, useful for warning any bypassers of impending doom / trickery. the outline on this one is actually transparent, meaning it will look flush on whatever you stick it too!

next up we have this small little guy, chilling harmlessly in a sea of swirls. i wish i could be as chill as this guy is, honestly. small, but loveable.

next up - we have this pretty big rabbit sticker, appropriate for the easter day this booth is launching. at 10 x 11.1cm, its probably my biggest sticker right now - i really wanted to make sure you could see the small details in the design!

and then, to celebrate the booth launch, i've added two hand drawn canvas pieces to the store for 15 quid each - "HUG THEM ALL" with a swirly theme and "GODDAMMIT NOT AGAIN" with a more angular theme. both canvases are 6 x 4 inches.

but that's not all!

if you previously missed out on "FRAGMENT'S STICKER PACK VOL 1" you'll be pleased to know i still have a few stickers from that set left over! these are limited quantities though, and once they're gone, they're likely gone, unless people REALLY want them back.

in addition, i still have a mass amount of the "GET DOWNLOADED NOW" sticker from said pack - mostly due to the fact that, because these are very small, i had to order way more than i needed. get yourself some lovely wordart on sticky paper.


as mentioned in the first post image - for every £10 you spend in the booth, you'll receive a FREE hand drawn "FRAGMENT LOVES YOU" sticker, featuring various randomized styles and colors! what will you receive? idk you haven't bought anything yet

and... well, that is all for now!
if this goes well i'll definitely be doing more in the future - i already have a few ideas for things like pride month designs... maybe shirts, if people want those? a friend suggested magnets too... we'll see!

and if you do buy anything from the booth - i thank you dearly, as it helps to support me and make my sticker dreams more and more powerful. hopefully you'll see more of my stickers on the streets soon >v>

@efi [taking notes as something to potentially sell in the future] i see, i see

not serious 

@maples 🥀 i can't fucking believe you made me lose the game. i trusted u mappy

@maples yay I bought some! I love your stickers. Some of them might end up getting used to cover up antivax stickers.

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