lmao @ activision 

activision / blizzard / king have announced the development of a "Diversity Space Tool" that allows for developers to rate character's diversity on a DDR Groove Radar-style chart and use it to improve representation in their games

all i can wonder is what a theoretical Diversity Radar Special with all values maxed out would look like

lmao @ activision 

also can we talk about this header image for a moment

how do zarya and lucio have an age value of Zero

lmao @ activision 

@maples i can't believe they called zarya hetero

lmao @ activision 

@MochiWaifu @maples I can't believe they'd think that dwarf guy is entirely straight either

lmao @ activision 

@maples d...did they give zarya a high gender rating because of the pink hair

lmao @ activision 

@maples Widdershins from "Age":


-Incredibly not White

-Incredibly not White part 2: how the fuck do you cleanly separate ethnicity from culture actiblizz for fuck's sake

-Either ace or horny for everyone



-Cybernetic prosthetics

-------------------- +
I'm thinking a *queer-as-fuck* Lyric from Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric

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