crime in japan suddenly falls by 50% as all members of the yakuza are wiped out by fucking sonic the hedgehog

@maples This is an overly clickbait headline for what is just Sega rebranding the series. :blobnervous:

@maples crime really is down in Japan. A series of legislation from the 2000s clamped down on criminal activity to the degree that all the Yakuza were losing money. The biggest of the groups, the Yamaguchi-gumi, have also splintered into smaller groups that don't make as much money

And so it is notable the last two major violent crimes in the country were perpetrated by individual actors. That of course being the assassination of former PM And and the arson attack on Kyoto Animation

@maples I read this as all members were wiped out by fucking (as in having sexual relations with) sonic the hedgehog.

Good way to go, I suppose.

Like a dragon was 7, or were there 2 more released already?

I am not a huge fan, but either way, I cannot see a reason to kill the franchise.

@LukeAlmighty the title is misleading - the franchise isnt being killed, the series is just being renamed to like a dragon internationally

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