engineer tries to get ME! told???
(made with the assistance of

everyone's using this website to make amazing cool and funny conversations and jokes and meanwhile i'm just sitting here doing this

un-alt texted written text in images 

finished a notebook for once so decided to get a new ~fancy~ one as a treat, right now just mainly using it for more babelfishing shenanigans. wanna share these more because i end up with some interesting phrases

fake blood in one image, stickers 

been making sticker frames today and also a caution

some notes made from doing babelfishing (a.k.a taking paragraphs and putting them 40 or so times over through language translators. i like to do this to get ideas for stickers)

this somehow turned from one of my most hated charts to my best 9+ score yet

its midnight and its nearly the end of the year so fuck it here's some nxc i've been holding onto and listening to on repeat this year. nxc.coll/2020

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