also obtained today: this

wanna try a different kind of tag where i literally tie things to poles rather than use stickers? could be fun

new stickers which probably would have been more relevant a year ago but are cool anyways

solution if you are constantly stressed about being away from loved ones: just fuckin' buy a horse

why do people like me. what in god's name is attractive about me


Here's this week's schedule, including the finale of Plane Crazy and Terry Wogan!

Join us:

New gameplay footage of the announced Dead Space remake has surfaced after a leak appeared online from an anonymous hacker.

unfortunately nobody has made a player rig of isaac from dead space so i will have to use whoever this is

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but hey no biggie i can just trim these out of the upload, then it should all be good aga- nope

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surprisingly not the snow patrol track that got it unviewable, but these two :s

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specifically, this compilation from 1998, which was intended to be handed out to record stations to try and get bands noticed. it has an early snow patrol track on it, "100 things you should have done in bed", but more interestingly it has demos and songs you havent heard before

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hi, i'm maple bloom. i do a lot of things - i paste stickers all over towns, i archive unknown music i find, and i watch tons of old tv shows and play tons of rhythm games.
more about me ->
where else to find me ->

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