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android query 

does anyone know if there's some kind of app for android that lets the album art take up the lock screen again, in the style of something like how iOS used to be with its music lock screen? i don't like that the standard seems to now be to reduce it to a single notification

surprise! i'm playing a set at UNAFFILIATED 2 on the 24th of October! Other Artists will be there! it's neat, and it'll be at

i am STREAMING tonight wow i have not done this in a long while. 8:30pm GMT tonight, will be playing through the new Technika DLCs in DJMAX Respect V.

gun in photo 

i have amateur photoshop skills and too much free time, give me objects for scott the woz to point a gun at

a new addition to my music archive -
Trouser - Trouser (2004), a jazz rock album, and the only album released by .62 Records.

so here's a thing: i scanned some pieces of art from an art book i got a while ago called "whereishere", and turned them into 1920x1080 wallpapers. cw - some of these wallpapers feature depictions of bodily parts. download here -

ive been playing djmax a lot and i keep being able to clear charts with misses in the most obvious of places hahaha this is hell-

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i got a scanner today so i would like everyone to take a second to look at this cover art thanks

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