i actually had an idea for an "egoism" song series based around the concept of id, ego and super-ego but i have no real musical talent

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just heard egoism 110 and it is giving me severe "shitty MAX remix for my stepmania pack" vibes

@monorail how do you not die of anxiety co-existing in so many servers at once please spill your secrets

@avie @colon_three we would like to announce the new national anthem "god why didn't you save the queen, you LIAR"

@avie do you by any chance know where i can get that "POLICE CAN SEE THROUGH YOUR WALLS" banner

socialism joke 

i have social anxiety and therefore i can't be socialist, sorry

apparantly in 2006 the weather channel wanted to alert you to new storms via massive bangers youtu.be/AjAxsWgEexI

@fux maple has logged the fuck on and is now logging the fuck off due to scared anxiety

i should... really come on main more ive been hiding on private a lot

My entry for the Nova 2020 new school graphics compo! titled "patarty at home"

Modeled in Maya, painted in Substance Painter and rendered in Unreal Engine 4.

Free game, Steam 

@Jo wtf this isnt mortal kombat vs dx universe

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