announcement: i will be airing a "DJ" "Mix" over on Tiny Sanctuary ! (i'm Arianna, that's my nxc alias)
OMG Shakira's Lawyer, Rabbit Crime and DJ Animebby will also be there with mixes
and it'll be on the 26th of January at 8pm EST (that's 1am for me... :bunsleep:), over at datafruits
if you're able to come along and listen it'd be really swell 'w';;

chess v1.2

+ pawns can now be promoted into an egg, which any piece can roll, including your opponents

- nerfed the queen's movement to only crossing half the board in one go

+ new piece: gerald

@sc when you're there check out the SPARK section its so cool

@sc yeah haha its really busy right now so it might take a couple of tries

disney is renaming 20th century fox to 20th century studios

i hope this means they'll rename Xof Productions to Soiduts Productions

two audiohazards in one 

the existence of intelligent dance music implies there is a way to intelligently dance

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