so hey PSA apparently is run by a cop.

reminder that the police and government have a very long track record of trying to interfere with basically every sizable organization of leftists out there, and especially communists/socialists

watch each other's backs and stay safe, yall

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trying to work but suddenly, tiredness exists and hits hard --;;;

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revisiting part two: re-analyzing character concepts and editing + remaking using what ive learned

watching knowing, aka that movie where the sun is a deadly laser

like, you look at this, and tell me with a straight face this is readable text

dont you just love when a text heavy image is actually unreadable due to image compression techniques

so apparently its been a year since i succumbed to capitalism and got a job. 🎉?

we are not even six minutes into this movie and someone has already said "we live in a society" ohhhhhh noooooooooo

gonna watch "Gamer" tonight

picked it up in a charity shop based on title alone and knew nothing about it, then a trailer came up for it on another dvd i watched and you know what this legitimately looks badass

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