they were kind of like projector lights so my mom thinks they were from the stadium which is approximately 1.5 miles away

there were blue lights in the sky when i went to walk the dogs what the fuck

malody's actually like.. really improved since i last used it

furry instances: $9.99
anime instances: $6.99
tech instances: $8.99

even worse: have these instance feed categorised and charge access to each category of instances

imagine if mastodon worked like tv where instead of a feed of posts from everywhere, you had feeds for all the different instances and you could switch between them like switching tv channels. this is a horrible idea and i hope nobody ever does this

i propose we get rid of the concept of free speech entirely and make all speech paid. hi everyone, my name is eugen, and today i'll be introducing you to the next step forward for mastodon, mastodon gold plus

@zoe ah

yes you do but im like just rolling up to work so just message the situation to me and i'll read it later if thats alright

@zoe just tell me yeah i'd like to understand the timeline today

[piracy voice] you wouldn't download a fediverse archive

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