@avie @dogo put them on your local poles so that people walking outside can also be greeted by him

@elfi i didnt say they weren't relevant, just they would have been *more* relevant

also obtained today: this

wanna try a different kind of tag where i literally tie things to poles rather than use stickers? could be fun

@NLS if you sent me some stickers i would put them up but i don't think i would print stickers, at least not until i have better quality stuff for that

new stickers which probably would have been more relevant a year ago but are cool anyways

currently considering just buying a bunch of redbubble stickers to aid me on my sticker slapping missions

@SuricrasiaOnline granted it may be sticking in my head because the cover art for it in dynamix is this

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@kemono_bot pikmin 4 is going in a vastly different direction i see

@Mandrake fuck that sounds 5x better and 5x worse than what i'm actually teasing

like i hadnt heard of this language a week ago and now i can't stop hearing about it

it does seem interesting :o

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why are all of my friends suddenly talking about toki pona

solution if you are constantly stressed about being away from loved ones: just fuckin' buy a horse

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