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I stepped out of my car (don't know why) and looked up in the sky and saw a Orange star/planet like object with a couple of little normal stars around it. But when i looked at it I felt an enormous pain in my chest and the rest of the boddy.

imd, lewd 

todays plans 

oh wait the ability of room names has been changed to group names. huh

on top of that its actually *harder* to get to the web, they made this new explore and watch tab that hides it away

they've actually entirely removed the ability to change your room name what the fuck apparently updated with new features and i really hope they fixed the issues i was having with the service

san francisco is weird
- again an entire portion of the level is cut and you start at the other side of the level compared to ps2 ver.
- the wall surrounding that nokia building part is higher and the building has no nokia branding

wallriding is surprisingly tricky in this game. there's a mission where you have to wallride on five graffiti tags. half the time going into a wall and trying to wallride doesn't work, and the mission seems to require you to wallride across the whole tag, not just part of it

college has a lot missing on ps1, huh
- tennis court is gone
- inside parking lot is gone
- wooded area with tree stumps is gone
- the back area with buildings is almost entirely changed up with this huge building added as a wall / level boundary

i like how you have this whole list of pro skaters and then there's a section of "more skaters" and its just bam

the cars are hard to control and even the beginner tracks require a pretty fine level of accuracy i can't do but my main gripe is the logic behind "shortcuts", because some places you can race through and shortcut easily and other times you try to race through two slices of bread anf it zips you right back to the start of the road. its really not clear what you can and can't go through and it makes the game frustrating becaude i just want to race and i keep getting zipped back

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