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does anyone know any ways of making a music visualizer in sony vegas without using BCC (aside from just recording and chroma keying an external source)

[brushes off dust] i haven't used this in nearly a year... whatever, send me questions while i try to search for some Things

is there a good simple spectrum visualizer for winamp

dammit really looks like im gonna have to install and use winamp just to have a visualizer

wanting to make a visualizer in vegas pro but every tutorial uses fuckin BCC which costs a fuckin shitton of money


okay you can all stop telling me its machete now djfsfgk

and it has a sequel and a possible threequel if it ever gets made what the fuck

Machete (2010), based off of both the character from spy kids and a fake trailer from double feature Grindhouse

so today i learned spy kids has an 18 / R rated spin off

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what do i write on my writeboard literally all it has on it atm is "wow!!!!!"

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