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id also like to make some stepmania charts sometime

i need to play stepmania more im a bit out of it. havent been practicing


...your "mao" is evolving!
it has evolved into "lmao"!

does anyone wanna watch some old-ish stepmania remixes? some are good, most are bad,

the main thing is the "cabinet exclusivity"

so, when ddr a20 came out it was originally only available in a new Gold Cabinets. eventually upgrade kits were released for older cabinets, and these have a different blue ui instead of the gold ui - but there are songs that are exclusive to the gold cabinet ONLY and just. why is that. thatmakes NO SENSE

trying to find footage of ddr a20 running on a legacy red cab because apparantly it's Bad and i need to see how bad

found a secret easter egg of obstagoon's shiny coloration in the latest episode of the pokemon anime




again, i ask: would you actually buy this. would you hold the honor of promoting the healing effects of ParaParaParacetamol on your Body Chest

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