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fairy light season again!! got some new ones on clearance at a store to put around the top. cozy

nickelback copyright striking donald trump is the new high of today adsjkfljfklhgadjsfhjihtfghjkl;

i dont remember if i said this but, i can officially confirm that i am indeed going to EGX in london this year! specifically, thursday 17th and friday 18th. if you're a mutual and yr going too hmu and maybe we can hang out or something

Math Essay Question 23

If XBO × 1 = 10, what is X?

so.. bar a mishap with losing my wallet, i got some good stuff today in town. mainly supplies for stickers but some other things too like a polygonal mask and kingdom hearts 2 for £1.50

siivagunner is doing a character tournament and i just

i just wonder sometimes how these people even think of ideas like this

its october the first which means its time to make my christmas branding

graffiti sticker thread // 30 sep 2019

tried a couple of more colorful designs, and stuff using multiple stickers to cut out

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