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fractela / quote 

if you need to place a bet, hit me up at uh,

gonna draw some stickers tonight i think, or at least attempt to,

concept: a dragon with a hoard of girl scout cookies

punchline A for this concept - the dragon is the leader of the local troop. look at all the badges her darling scouts have collected! they all went camping this summer, would you like to see all the slides??

punchline B for this concept - the dragon used to have a hoard of gold but then there were some kids asking at their door if they wanted some cookies and before they even realized what was happening, they had 5000 boxes of thin mints

vj emmie is, eternally and forever, always on the microphone

hang on i forgot to cw this for food 

thinking about selected ambient the chip

it is a cursed life indeed when you have human characters and all the artists you know that you could commission draw mainly animals and furries. help

alexa, what's on my cuties list

"You have one item on your cuties list: [Y/N]"

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