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incredibly amusingly, i have been locked out of @tackleyhalt on twitter because my phone number is already in use on two accounts

never made this shirt available properly so now it's up on teepublic if you ever wanted to nab it: the flying house shirt

shirts is one of them, i'd like to do some more stickers to go up outside when all this has calmed down, and i could possibly try publishing some more free writing maybe, as a journal or somethin'

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ive been pretty quiet in terms of making content lately, my sticker slapping has been put to a complete halt thanks to covid-19 and work's probably been the most stressful its ever been, but i'm at a point where i'd like to try creating some things again

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gonna see if i can do some shirt designs tonight? ive got a few ideas :o

selfie, :boost_ok: 

thats right its time for another shirt that everyone will look at and go "why the fuck did you buy this"

"i'm finding it hard to believe we're in heaven" yeah, cuz it doesn't exist. you're actually in Floop's Virtual Room

lewd shitpost 

gonna hook up with a bunny furry to see how deep the rabbit hole really goes

right, okay, so i've just been informed that i cannot "just eat doors like that". this has completely halted my plans for the next few posts

please remember to update your adobe flash player

*muffled voice from under blanket*
it is caturday

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