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what if i made another mastodon account for some cool specific thing haha jk unless,

new album uploads for today:

Funky Horror Band - F.H.B (1990)

Funky Horror Band - Magical Trans-Circle (1991)

Levantis - Aromatherapy: Relaxing (2002?)

Sunaga 't Experience - Собака ~Crouka~ (2001)

Genres as follows:

F.H.B. & Magical Trans-Circle = Synth-pop, with Soul/Funk infusions. There's some Ballads in there too!

Aromatherapy: Relaxing = New Age and Ambient.

Crouka: Latin Jazz-adjacent

a new addition to my music archive -
Trouser - Trouser (2004), a jazz rock album, and the only album released by .62 Records.

so here's a thing: i scanned some pieces of art from an art book i got a while ago called "whereishere", and turned them into 1920x1080 wallpapers. cw - some of these wallpapers feature depictions of bodily parts. download here -

ive been playing djmax a lot and i keep being able to clear charts with misses in the most obvious of places hahaha this is hell-

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i need to do more rhythm game posting on main i keep hiding it on my private a lot

hey if i put some old programming stuff up in a cytube would people wanna watch it together, was gonna watch some stuff tonight while drawing but feel it might be better with people around

i got a scanner today so i would like everyone to take a second to look at this cover art thanks

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