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seriously covid and bad weather has been such harm to this hobby of mine and ive just been piling up stickers in the vein hope that one day i can go back to spending whole days putting stuff up. bluh

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one day i WILL go out again and i WILL put stickers everywhere and you CAN'T stop me

UNAFFILIATED 2 set is finished! my friend ASTROBLUR is up next

(also if you missed my set i'll be uploading it later)

my UNAFFILIATED 2 set starts in about 10 minutes! VCRSLOT is playing some chill jams atm so be prepared for whiplash when i come on

currently it looks like my set will be playing at 9:30pm BST / 4:30PM EST

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UNAFFILIATED 2 starts in an hour and a half! that's 8pm for us british folk. also don't forget that the clocks go back tonight, so come have some fun before they do

surprise! i'm playing a set at UNAFFILIATED 2 on the 24th of October! Other Artists will be there! it's neat, and it'll be at

photoshop neural filters, creepy uncanny valley 

using the power of these filters, we can finally make him smile again

photoshop neural filters, cursed horror 

what horror hath adobe raught

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