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welcome to our store. we have one singular plant for sale. please buy it

someone's been putting these "bogoff" stickers around town to campain against actions by the government to prevent trans and non binary peeps from using correctly gendered toilets

the new Kanye West album will come with a track EXCLUSIVE to these specific co-ordinates in Papua New Guinea. If you move outside of these co-ordinates the CD will spontaneously combust

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if i make an album i will release it with an Azerbaijan exclusive bonus track

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why do so many albums have japan exclusive tracks specifically. what does japan have to get exclusive albums that, say, belgium doesn't

this year's famicase exhibition is out and its as amazing as usual

i should totally do famicase next year i've wanted to for so long

working in retail teaches you many things, such as how the entirety of humanity is evil

beep: i really want to get more like, action pose-y commissions of this character but i have absolutely no idea what i want .-.
if anyone has any recommendations for artists please let me know
(art by @/oliviameower and @/bleubearies on the tweety)

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and that about does it! i hope you learnt something useful today

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