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Is there a popular thing which you don't understand the appeal of? โ€” 1) i do not get sports 2) even when they were considered cool i did not get the appeal of NFTs

How many times a day do you look at yourself in the mirror? โ€” at least once usually to do my hair, not many other times

its 10pm and i'm sleepy and i would like to answer some questions if you have them

definitely want to try more of these, maybe make them even bigger and really emphazise the patterns of them..

i was making a really big one for a project but i have no idea if that's happening right now. if it doesn't happen i'll share it here

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been having lots of fun in's kokauma image guessing game

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now that it's freedom day you no longer have to wear a seatbelt when driving

50,000 cases of covid daily in the UK and our government be out here like (cw: flashing lights)

can this website not use its supposedly state of the art translation to also translate the japanese to english

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skeb dot jp, a website where english users can commission japanese artist without the difficulty of a language barrier

except for most of the website being in japanese so I don't understand how to use it

[someone who i've known for at least 2 years now offering to pet my head]
[me, nervously putting my fingers together wondering if it's okay to do this or if it would be bad to instigate affection with people]

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wow i want to be cute and gay!
[is given an opportunity to be cute and gay]
[the camera turns back to me running away to hide] actually it's fine i can be cute and gay later kthxseeya

like that's basically the point we're at where people are trying to pass off FANDOM pages and carrds as actual legit factual information you should totally trust and not question because they're clearly made by people with no biases whatsoever, nosiree

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oh yeah sure let me point you to my repository for information on my gender and what it's associated with [links a geocities page]

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i have nothing to say on any controversy outside of labels are flexible and people should be able to call themselves what they're comfortable with. it's not suddenly your right to decide what labels people use because you don't like it

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lgbt FANDOM / wikia, alongside such other amazing FANDOM pages such as the Friends Wiki, the Video Game Fandom Wiki and Narutopedia

we're watching Expect No Mercy in COMFY TV in 10 minutes! come join if you want to watch with us!

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