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i'm forgetting to share wordles oops
Wordle 208 5/6


hmmm. kinda mean today

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i think one of the weirdest responses i get working the tills is when i organize someone's trolley and the customer goes "oh you've done this before, haven't you? :)" like... yes? i have? i work here, it's my job to do this? what are you saying?

like yes we get it joey you're battling so that you can save your sister's eyesight and yes kaiba we get it we know that you want to save mokuba please just shut up and duel already

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ive been rewatching yu-gi-oh recently and its goofy and fun but god i forgot how much they needlessly repeat information that's already been drilled into my head

watching music notation memes on youtube has single handedly convinced me musescore is a viable platform for creating breakcore

had to get a new aux cable to replace a breaking one and. god look at how big this connector is

all CHAOS charts in cherry's category are full comboed! now i just gotta grind MMing them 💦

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i havent shared it much here: i made a gimmick joke account on twitter that makes tony hawk logos and it's kind of blowing up a little, including this happening

also here's the account

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(for the record they have sent me a gift card as compensation for the lost tokens, it's all they can do as hasbro made the things and they have no spares)

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