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Song in your head right now — the piano section of aegleseeker afterworld full version. its so so good


Is this the real life, or is this just fantasy? — i hope this is a fantasy, because if this is real life hooooo boy


mapple or m'aple? — mapple. don't m'lady me


minecraf — oh that's the place where we go to [REDACTED] people right

sad news today: apple has discontinued the latest ipod touch, finally bringing an end to the iPod line of media players. end of an era :<

fixed the big sticker collage today + expanded it with more stickers >w>


i also maybe look kind of cute in them.

and also wow wearing a mask with these sucks oh god

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got my glasses today and like, what the hell man. i feel like my vision has upgraded into high definition wearing these

like i know that's mainly because Ha Ha Funny Neurodivergence Autism but god everything just feels so... awfully normal. its draining to go through

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thinking about the alienating feeling of retail work and how often it makes me feel like i'm living in that one fairly oddparents episode where timmy turned the whole world grey and everyone into grey blob creatures

lrt is happening in about 10 minutes! come join us!

joke that contains virus statistics 

you may have noticed there are more bunnies appearing nearby you. for your reassurance, please refer to this handy diagram

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