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making some nice doodly stickers, making all the swirly patterns is fun and relaxing... 😌
might try making more stickers soon, i can feel some ideas starting to flow in my brain again? dunnnnnooooo

ongoing gpt-3 thread, drink 

it’s VERY good at imagining what life would be like if you were a can of pepsi max

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ongoing gpt-3 thread 

messing around with prompts with the temperature set to 1 wields interesting and unpredictable results, all of which tend to be funny

gpt-3 text gen 

i do like that we’ve discovered this ai capable of writing anything we can think of as long as we have the base idea for it, and we’re all just making it write 4chan greentexts


What do you think about society? — oh don't even get me started

update: these are for sure malaysian bootlegs, apparently its a MASSIVE problem over there with unlicensed distributors selling anime and getting it approved by the government because the government does not give a shit

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found these in a charity shop and i have no goddamn clue if these are official or bootlegs. does anyone here know

selfie, weird 

reminder that all ticket games are complete and utter bullshit designed to siphon money out of you

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actually probably scary artwork, massive mouths 

shoutouts to the original artwork of the atari 2600 pacman game, which was rejected for being too scary, by hiro kimura

look at this kid's shit eating grin. this is for math grand prix by the way

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