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what if in season 8 of regular show they went to homestuck

[someone whispers to me]

oh SHIT that's sapphire, not sapphic????

[squints] wait isnt sapphic a piece in bejeweled 3

since people seem to like this im gonna say this is part of a larger idea to make like. faux as seen on tv ads and put them as shirt designs. should be interesting hopefully

oh the tetris 99 marathon + cpu battle dlc is £9

got a streaming question - so im getting an hd60s to stream stuff and im wondering how like streamers use their voice in a mic without like tv audio coming through. does the software stream the audio too and they get it there, or do they just sit really far away

gonna finally get an elgato hd60s since i can afford it and then its OVER for you streamers

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If you listen to Dic Geeks, the podcast I do with @Vordus and enjoy it, you may be interested in knowing that we have officially launched a Patreon page, if you fancy helping keep things ticking along. Just point yer browser this way

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