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okay mixer is going tits up for me apparantly, so no stream tonight. apologies

okay is anyone getting a live stream when they go to this link or does it fuck up or just go straight to my last stream [send proof if it does]

why the fuck has mixer decided to suddenly not work at all

im gonna stream the first tony hawk's pro skater because problems arose with wandersong

update: ive been told its partner and wow i feel silly

what would be like.... a non binary version of husband / wife. husxand? xife? help me out here

im asking this because apparantly it has an overlay that uses your cpu for cryptomining and im worried that its something thats possibly sneakily put into the other overlays

hey does anyone know if pixelchat for mixer is safe to use

in five minutes gonna watch the super mario maker 2 direct, come join in if you like

alrighty, elgato quality seems to work just fine so im doing a little brb and then im gonna go ahead and stream some Gnames for a bit :3

streaming now. testing out the elgato hd60s on my switch and later my retropi

okay so i got my elgato and i need to test streaming things so in a little while im gonna stream some test stuff if you're interested, BUT also the mario maker 2 direct is in less than four hours so i was thinking about also streaming that and doing a watchalong right after. is anyone interested

playing elite beat agents again

i forgot this type of game was fun cuz osu somewhat ruined it

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